Case Study • Women In Transition Career Conference

Marketing events can become templated and often times materials get overlooked in the event planning process. The 2015 Women in Transition Career Conference needed a visual identity to capture a users attention quickly, and throughout all aspects of the materials! Suchy Design was brought on to create an entire visual branding of an annual event with full service marketing, graphic implementation, and event material development. We started with a visual brand to engage the hard topic of career transitioning. The intent of the materials is to design a visually interesting guide that will not only give attendees good information to use, but get them excited about using it! Transitions can be hard, we developed a theme throughout the entire series of materials to inject hope and excitement into the whole transition experience.

From the Facebook marketing, to the event materials of handouts, signage, and data gathering methods after the career conference Suchy Design tied it all together.