Meet the Team

The corporate staff of Suchy Design has over 30 combined years of experience working in the industries of agency operations, HR management, and marketing communications. Their leadership and dedication to client satisfaction provides forward thinking solutions for various types of organizations.

Lisa Suchy

Lisa’s organized approach to her work that helps navigate through project details, avoid snags, solve problems, and provide our clients with top-quality marketing solutions that get great results.

Since the beginning of her advertising production career, Lisa has worked for a prestigious list of clients from commercial industries such as 3M, Target, Coca-Cola, to political candidates such as President Obama, Congressional and Senate candidates and many more. Her years of experience in office operations and management have guided the creation of a wide variety of office solutions, team management, and benefit packages with a marketing background to help businesses with internal and external brand management. Lisa’s expertise and eye for detail efforts have resulted in numerous sought-after awards for clients, including the ADDY, ADCMW, Creativity, and PGAMA.

Lisa has also been at the forefront of the growing Green movement within the marketing industry. As a panel speaker at the National Press Club, she has addressed the impact on the environment made by small businesses and their industrial partners. Sharing tips from her own experience, she has provided marketers with practical guidance on how our industry can reduce its carbon footprint.

Joshua A. Suchy

Mr. Suchy is a United States Navy Veteran. Working as a signals analyst supervisor he help defend our country during the 9/11 crises. After serving our country Mr. Suchy gained his IT expertise from a multifaceted approach, both going to school for his Bachelors in Information Technology and working as a technical support technician to his local police force.

Mr. Suchy continued his career as a Senior Systems Engineer within Lockheed Martin developing state of the art system for our government agencies.

After 14 years of IT experience, he joined with Lisa in a joint venture to continue supporting our country by providing top notch IT services to government and non-government clients.