Air University

Educational epicenter of the United States Air Forces

Areas of support: 


Suchy Design was brought on-board to analyze the on and off base biases for the Air Force’s “Air University” brand. We performed a full market analysis of internal program competitors, competitor brands at the practices best used in today’s industry. After conducting interviews of key stakeholders and interviewing over 300 faculty members, we were able to determine that Air University was in need of a valued, unified and strategic brand that brought all of its program entities together.

Key highlights for support:
A three-phrase approach with specified timelines, actionable tasks and desired results that included over 24 enterprises for communication directives. 

  1. Composed and implemented a universal guideline for the AU Brand
  2. Built a unified campus experience, as well as cohesion between directives and the full campus
  3. Established monthly strategic communications and outreach reviews
  4. Highlight faculty research from departments through the main AU umbrella

AU’s campus is thriving with excitement as they work towards becoming a unified educational force, while also including its key stakeholders in their developmental identity.