AOAC International

Development of microbiological and chemical standards to find solutions as well promote trade and spread global public health and safety.

Areas of support: 
Branding, Marketing

AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s world-wide audience of members and annual conference are unmatched in the food science industry, therefore the approach is unique on an annual basis, yet holds the organizations continuity of Brand, deliverables, and quality of work to the same standard each year. Suchy Design provides individualized approaches to the visuals that relates to location, best practices, and modern techniques, that in turn aids in gaining participation and membership for the global non-profit.

Key highlights for support:

  1. Individuality of annual events surrounding a common theme
  2. Engaging materials that are user-friendly and understandable

AOAC INTERNATIONAL remains a consistent global leader in food safety and science, with membership increases and annual brand exposure that remains fresh, relatable, and current, just like the scientific results they strive to achieve.