April McClain-Delaney

Wife of Congressman and Presidential Candidate, John Delaney

Areas of support:


We were brought on board by Mrs. McClain-Delaney and her team to boost her presence on all avenues of social media. The goal for Suchy Design was to create relevant posts that promoted the work that Mrs. Delaney has been doing for the betterment of the United States, specifically for children and media privacy. We also wanted to tie a majority of her posts in with her husband, John Delaney, and his 2020 presidential campaign.

Key highlights for support:

  1. Create family friendly content that promoted and was relevant to the work of Mrs. McClain-Delaney individually, while also showing her support for her husband and his Presidential run.
  2. Develop a schedule that allowed for social media content to be shared on the respective sites at optimal times and days of the week to optimize views and shares
  3. Engage with her followers and supporters by liking and sharing other posts created about and for Mrs. McClain-Delaney and her husband that are relevant to the work and messages she and her husband are promoting.


The Suchy Design team was able to build a solid social media presence for Mrs. McClain-Delaney. By creating posts with topics that are relevant to Mrs. McClain-Delaney, her husband’s campaign and the general public, we were able to keep the attention of her existing followers and grow her audience. With a schedule that ensures posts will be published regularly and by interacting with her followers, the brand that is April McClain-Delaney will continue to grow.