BAE Systems

A globally known company using technology to protect the security of the nation and its people while also keeping infrastructure and important information safe. With staff in over 40 countries, BAE Systems specializes in air, land, sea and cyber domains.

Areas of Support:
Graphic Design


BAE Systems came to us with Program Management guides designed to aid in their staff members’ career paths along with competency expected to be acquired while on the job. These guides explain in detail the paths that can be taken to make advancements within the company, along with the knowledge and skills it takes to be successful at BAE Systems.

Our goal at Suchy Design was to redraft these guides to make them easier for the staff to follow. Using her extensive knowledge of Human Relations, our owner Lisa helped us streamline each program to include only what was necessary in the most user-friendly way.

Key highlights for support:

  1. Create clear and concise descriptions of each position in the company and the possible advancements that could be made by identifying key skills needed and a list of recommended courses to support development.
  2. Define competency as it relates to the staff members of BAE Systems and how one can continue to grow their knowledge and become an effective member of the company.
  3. Re-create these guides to make a better, more user-friendly resource for all staff members.


The results of these newly remodeled guides has led the staff members of BAE Systems to an easier path of understanding their role within the company and how they can achieve their ultimate potential.