Friends of John Delaney

Attorney, Businessman, Politician and former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

Areas of Support: 
Graphic Design, Social Media management, Branding & Brand recognition through ads, TV specials, Vehicle wraps


Suchy Design was part of a team brought on to revitalize the John Delaney for President brand. With the political history that owner, Lisa Suchy, was able to provide, John’s campaign launched into a crowded field of candidates with a fresh, presidential-level look and feel deeming him one of the classiest candidates of the 2020 race.  Suchy Design was an integral part in developing Merchandise, Social Media ads, TV specials, Targeted Marketing ads, Vehicle wraps and more!

Key highlights for support:

  1. Implemented a universal brand guideline for a variety of vendors to adhere to.
  2. Built a unified voice for visual graphics.
  3. Established bi-partisan look for John’s moderate position in a crowded democratic candidate field.