Gabriel Marketing Group

Marketing & PR firm specializing in emerging technologies and startups.

Areas of support:
Operations, Human Resources

Initially, GMG was looking for a lead for their operations team, unsure if the position would need to be full or part time. After meeting with the owner, we determined a part-time look into the functionality and efficiencies of the organization would be the best place to start. With no operations or HR department, Suchy Design started from the foundation and built up both departments.

Key highlights for support:

  1. Refined and defined the onboarding and off-boarding processes for employees and contractors, ensuring organizational protection and reduction in turnover.
  2. Audited annual contract vendors to find additional avenues of revenue and developed an insertion order process for these additional revenue opportunities, as well as re-negotiated the contracts to support sustainable growth.
  3. Developed a strong employee benefits program to be competitive as a top employer including a 401K, standardized HR manual, Metro Benefit, FSA, and better health coverage plan.
  4. Audited and developed a strong IT infrastructure to support stable growth within the budgetary needs of the agency.
  5. Established more efficient and reliable business infrastructure systems such as phones, recruiting agencies, and operational vendors.
  6. Standardized utilization stability amongst the staff to ensure efficiencies and client optimization of services rendered within their retainer amount.

GMG is a thriving agency at the top of the industry, with below average turnover, above average benefit packages, and has sustained over a 200% growth in its staff over the past three years.