Institute for the Study of War

Advances an informed understanding of military affairs through reliable research, trusted analysis, and innovative education.

Areas of support: 
Operations, Human Resources, Branding

After meeting with ISW and analyzing where our services could best be used, it was determined that the most important need was a balance between the Operations, Human Resources and Branding departments. We were able to aid in the training of staff to make create a sturdy foundation for these departments to operate from.

Key highlights for support:

  1. Trained staff to take initiative to identify any gaps in the system and create a plan to fill in the void
  2. Opened up lines of communication that allowed team members to better understand processes as whole instead of individuals.
  3. Identified (Streamlined) leadership trainings that aided their young professionals as well as current staff to be national security leaders.
  4. Introduced presentations on professionalism and other trainings to guide young professionals to successfully enter the workforce.
  5. Modified the employee manual and HR processes, as well as benefit comparisons
  6. Maintaining a fully managed service for the HR department
  7. Rebuild the foundation for Operations and stabilized the department

Suchy Design is still in the process of building up the ISW’s Branding. Factors being considered for the build-up are:

  1. Full market analysis of internal factors, competitor brands along with best practices in today’s industry
  2. Analysis of outreach activity on all print and electronic communications
  3. Modifying the identity of ISW to broaden their uses
  4. Build and implement a universal branding guideline to be used in all areas of communication

ISW has a thriving mentorship program that aids in elevating young staff to director levels and(or) successful careers in the workforce. They have increased their benefits offerings to better meet the needs of their staff. ISW also has seen a decrease in employee turnover rate as result of bettering accommodations to allow for a balance between personal and professional life for its people.