Human Resources

  • Staff Consultation
  • Policy Strategy
  • Policy Execution
  • Compliance Audits
  • On-boarding Presentations
  • On/off-boarding Processes
  • Professionalism Presentations
  • Fully Managed Systems


  • Process Strategy
  • Work Flow Audits
  • Process Documentation
  • Fully Managed Systems


  • Managed Campaigns
  • Sustainability Campaign Audits
  • Campaign Development
  • Plan Execution
  • Fully Managed Departments


  • Internal and External Brand Audits
  • Brand Health Audits
  • Brand Strategy and Execution
  • Branding Guidelines


In 2015, Suchy Design was created on the foundation of aiding in the sustainable growth of small, nonprofit organizations in an individualized, cost effective manner. Based in Fairfax, Virginia, the Suchy Design team strives to provide personalized consulting in a company’s Operations, Human Resources, Branding and Marketing departments.

Being a successful small business itself, Suchy Design aims to help companies much like their own. They will strive to develop a plan that works for your business with one goal in mind; sustainable growth. Allowing you to focus on what really matters, why you took the chance to create your own business. 

Consulting partner for Non-Profit businesses

Establish means of stable growth to entrepreneurs 

Provide training through mentorships 

Broaden internal and external brand exposure

Marketing techniques for sustainability 

Leadership team

Lisa Suchy
Creator and Owner

Creator and owner of Suchy Design, Lisa Suchy built her company with the knowledge base she gained from her experience in the HR, Operations, Marketing and Branding industries. Lisa was inspired to step out on her own and build a company that would help small entrepreneurs and businesses take their developmental growth to the next level.  Lisa has loaned her talents to an array of entities. From large scale political campaigns to private corporations, her work has been described as being completed with “unbelievable grace.” Former clients and employers describe her as “innovative … personable” and “informed about new trends.” It has also been said her “ability to balance thousands of requests … is admirable.”

Since the creation of her company, Lisa has become the spear-head to a team dedicated to working with aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses to establish their brand, while also providing action and inspiration for a company’s goals. 

Client Base

Suchy Design is proud to have a clientele that is 80% woman-owned/operated.

“I have worked with [Suchy Design] as a vendor. Lisa is extremely organized...superb project management and attention for the details. [Her employees stay] informed about new trends and take initiative to make things happen. [They] had a fantastic idea for an iPhone app before it was mainstream. [Suchy Design] is innovative, personable and [a company] you can count on. I recommend Lisa [and her team].”

Kristen Herberg

“You are our Shoeper Woman!!! Thank you for all that you [and your team] do and have done to take us to the next level. You are a creative genius and we could not do what we do without your help. Thank you from the soles of our shoes to the top of our heads.”

Katrina Levy Zidel
In Christy's Shoes

Case Studies